You don’t have time. You don’t have extra head count. But you can have a security culture.

Security Journey delivers a strategic and programmatic approach to security. Our online platform allows for a scalable enterprise rollout with minimal effort – it’s ready to go day one. Plus, our usage-based pricing model ensures you pay for only the content consumed, not licenses that are never used.

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Reasonably priced security training that requires little administrative oversite? It’s a CISO’s dream.

Security Journey delivers high quality training that’s easily scalable to fit the size of your organization. Implementation won’t impact your headcount and delivers measurable results quickly and efficiently.

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Need to look like a hero? We’ve got your cape right here.

We know executives need to deliver quick wins with measurable results. We can help you establish a new organizational culture that values security from top to bottom.

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    Simple to manage without adding administrative overhead
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    Designed by developers for developers
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    Conversational, motivational approach that makes security training enjoyable
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    Measurable results delivered quickly

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