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HackEDU Launches New Challenges and a Capture the Flag Competition (CTF)

HackEDU has launched nine new challenges at all difficulty levels. The challenges expand on HackEDU's cybersecurity lessons. Try to read encoded messages, steal bitcoin, outsmart a hacker, and gain access to an elite startup. Log in at to try the fun and entertaining challenges now!

We have also launched a private Capture the Flag (CTF) competition for organizations on the HackEDU platform. A Capture the Flag (CTF) event is a cybersecurity competition designed to challenge participants to solve computer security problems. HackEDU's CTF consist of a series of challenges that vary in their degree of difficulty, and that require participants to exercise different skill sets. Once a challenge is solved, a "flag" is given to the team and they submit this flag to the CTF server to earn points.

CTFs provides valuable on-the-ground intelligence on how to best prevent cybersecurity breaches. It adds gamification to the learning process and complements HackEDU's other training. The CTF is meant to be worked on in small cross-functional teams to encourage collaboration and can be played over the course of one to five days.

If you would like HackEDU to host a CTF for your engineering, software, and/or security teams please reach out to us at .