Application Security Podcast

Grant Ongers -- Gamification of threat modeling

July 28, 2020

Show Notes

Grant Ongers is co-founder of the bearded trio called Secure Delivery, with a philosophy and purpose for optimal delivery and security in one dynamic package. Grant's experience spans Dev, Ops, and Security, with over 30 years pushing the limits of (Info)Sec. Grant’s community involvement is global: Staff at BSides (London, Las Vegas, and Cape Town), Goon at DEF CON (USA) for nearly ten years and DC2721 co-founder, staff at BlackHat (USA and EU), and an OWASP Global Board member.

Grant joins us to talk about gamification and threat modeling, and introduces me to the OWASP Cornucopia card game, which you can use to teach developers and product team members threat modeling, in a fun and engaging way.

We hope you enjoy this conversation with…. Grant Ongers. @rewtd


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