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Brook Schoenfield -- Security is a Messy Problem

September 15, 2019

Show Notes

Brook Schoenfield is a Master Security Architect @IOActive and author of Securing Systems, as well as an industry leader in security architecture and threat modeling, and a friend. "We have a static analysis tool. Why do we need a program?" This is what Brook overheard at one point in his past, from a company CTO, and it sums up the program issue. The CTO was trying to drive a technical strategy for an entire company, and security was just one piece of that. A mandate or a tool would have made life so easy.

Brook takes us on a journey based on his experience building programs, with advice, stories, comments, and quotes. We talk about architecture, culture, mindset, tools, compilers and so much more.

Catch Brook’s next book, “Secrets of a Cyber Security Architect” which arrives in Fall 2019.

Here is Brook’s first book on Amazon: Securing Systems: Applied Security Architecture and Threat Models


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