These 7 modules are part of Green Belt. Explore the basic constructs and benefits within TypeScript along with secure coding. Understand the details behind Typescript coding more securely as it helps with validation and maintaining type safety.

29 modules | 4 hr 12 min | 3 Experiments | Green Belt Level
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Example TypeScript Concepts

  • Exploring the relationship between TypeScript and JavaScript
  • Benefits each construct
  • Tips for coding in TypeScript
  • TypeScript validation libraries
  • SAST and ESLint

What's Included?

TypeScript includes 7 Green Belt Secure Development modules.

Secure Development Core Lesson Modules
Intro to Secure Coding
Secure Coding Best Practices: Part 1
Secure Coding Best Practices: Part 2
Language Typing
Securing the Development Environment
Protecting your Code Repository
Producing a Clean, Maintainable, & Secure Code Culture
Secure the Release
Designing a Secure App or Product
Thinking Like A Penetration Tester
Secure Design Principles in Action: Part 1
Secure Design Principles in Action: Part 2
Secure Coding tips
Input Validation
C++ 20
Green Belt Path
Introduction to TypeScript Security
Secure Constructs with Typescript | Part 1
Secure Constructs with TypeScript | Part 2
Secure Coding With TypeScript Part 1
Secure Coding with TypeScript Part 2
Input Validation for TypeScript
TypeScript Secure Build Toolchain

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