Blockchain security focuses on understanding the threats to cryptocurrency, blockchain technology, and smart contracts. You will learn the best practices to securely develop smart contracts and prevent the most common types of weaknesses. You will become familiar with the best security tools to leverage during development and how to threat model smart contracts, ensuring security is part of the design.

14 Modules | Green Belt
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Example Blockchain Concepts:

  • Cryptocurrency Scams
  • Blockchain Threat Landscape
  • Smart Contract Weaknesses
  • Smart Contract Security Toolchain
  • Smart Contract Threat Modeling

And much more!

What's Included?

We created this Green Belt path for developers working on the Blockchain. It includes our standard 13 Green Belt Secure Development lesson with the addition of 12 new Blockchain lessons. Each of our lessons are short and conclude with a brief ten question assessment. The learning module length is purposeful – they are perfect for filling gaps in a developer’s day while code is deploying.

Secure Development Core Lesson Modules
Intro to Secure Development
Intro to Secure Coding
Secure Coding Best Practices: Part 1
Secure Coding Best Practices: Part 2
Language Typing
Securing the Development Environment
Protecting your Code Repository
Producing a Clean, Maintainable, & Secure Code Culture
Secure the Release
Designing a Secure App or Product
Thinking Like A Penetration Tester
Secure Design Principles in Action: Part 1
Secure Design Principles in Action: Part 2
Green Belt Path
Introduction to Blockchain Security

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